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Elijah's and Moses' return

From: UCJ
Date: 5/26/02
Time: 7:40:57 PM
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The bible mentions about the Law of Moses, WHY GOD SPOKE ABOUT THE “LAW OF MOSES IN THE DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD with the status and judgement.” The scripture reads, [I shall send you Elijah and the messenger of Covenant.] Malachi (3: 1) It means that God shall send Elijah AND Moses to remind the people about God’s law to judge accordingly to “THE TEN COMMANDMENT AND THE LAW IN FULL. The messenger of the Covenant is Moses. The prophecy reads again in the same book it reads: [remember you the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in “Horeb” for all Israel with the status and judgments. Malachi (4:4)

Shall Elijah return for the restoration of all things, and to announce LOVE AND UNITY TO ALL CONGREGATIONS"? Or he shall announce the submission to God's LAW IN FULL. Shall Elijah and Moses return to WITNESS and to tell the people that don’t believe that Jesus is the Christ and to open our sights to the truth and to God’s law? These two witnesses returns to warn us that the Messiah’s returns is at hand and to remind us what Jesus spoke about God and His law through Moses.

Shall Elijah returns to tell us that Jesus sent His message through John to the seven Churches? These Churches are “all the Congregations = all religions” “including the Synagogues”. Jesus spoke about rewarding ONE CHURCH (=congregation from any group) that OBEYS GOD’S COMMANDMENTS and His law in full. Rev 3: 7 to 8. WHERE IS THIS CONGREGATION? IS IT YOUR CONGREGATION THAT JESUS SPOKE ABOUT?

Shall Elijah returns to remind us what Jesus said about the law and the prophets? Jesus said,[ the law and the prophets were preached until John the Baptist, and every man is pressed into it.] Luke 16: 16 Jesus meant in this scripture that “NO SUCH THING AS NEW PROPHET OR NEW LAW” would be preached after John the Baptist. Matthew 24: 24 It means also that NO ONE could change or abolish God’s perpetual law after John the Baptist. Elijah doesn’t consider as new prophet he existed before Jesus ministry on earth, and the two witnesses that are mentioned in the book of Revelation are Elijah and Moses. These two prophets already existed and shall return as they were. Jesus said: [For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if you are willing to receive it, he is Elijah who is to come. He who has ears to hear, let him hear] Matthew 11:13 to15 The lord Jesus shall return and suddenly He enter in his temple. Malachi 3: 1. It means that the temple must exist for the lord’s return.

Shall Elijah return to restore all things before the return of the DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD = “the lord Jesus Christ”? Malachi 4: 1 to 5, Zechariah 13: 4 to 9, Zechariah 8: 22 to 23 The children of Israel shall see Jesus and accept Him as the Messiah in His return? Zechariah 12: 9 to 10, Revelation 1: 7.

Some people believe that Elijah “Elias” already came. Then the people named John the Baptist as the prophet “Elijah”, but John said that HE IS NOT ELIJAH, John 1: 21 to 25, Matthew 11: 14, John said that he is not Elijah, but did Elijah’s spirit was in the front of Elijah?

The scripture tells us in the book of “Second Kings” about the past of Elijah. But the book of Luke tells us that Elijah returned already and it was in the front of John the Baptist in the spirit, Luke 1: 17. The spirit of Elijah is not John the Baptist. Elijah’ spirit was guiding John and was not John. It is as God’s Spirit in the front of many of us to guide us. Luke 1: 17 The book of Matthew tells us that Elijah shall returns “does it means in person or in spirit?” Matthew 17: 11 Jesus said, Elijah shall return “Christ’s return” does it mean before Christ’s birth, resurrection, rapture of God’s people, or his return to judge the nations? Matthew 17: 9 to 11

But Jesus said also that Elijah came already AND THEY KNEW HIM NOT, BUT HAVE DONE UNTO HIM WHATSOEVER THEY LISTED, (Matthew 17: 12). What did they do to Elijah that we don’ know? The Old testaments never mention that Elijah returned already, or about an event that the people hurt Elijah. Are we missing some information that we don’t have in the bible, or the scripture means some thing different.

The book of Malachi tells us the same. “Elijah returns before the DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD = “the lord Jesus Christ”. Malachi 3: 1 to 5, Malachi 4: 1 to 5 Mark spoke about him, and the prophet Sirach also. Sirach 48:9, Mark 9:2 to 13

THE PROPHECY OF THE DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD DIDN’T COME YET. Is this PROPHECY considers as enough evidence that Elijah didn’t come yet?

The two witnesses

The book of Revelation tells us about the two witnesses, “Revelation 11: 1 to 14” these two witnesses are Moses and Elijah. The reason I say that because theses two prophets performed some miracles in their pasts that match the same miracles that are in the book of “Revelation 11: 6”. For example Elijah shut heaven that it rain not, and Moses turns the water to blood. Moses and Elijah performed these “miracles” during their lifetimes on earth in the book of Exodus 7:17, Second Kings 3: 17. When Moses and Elijah return will have difficulties to prove their identities. The only things that we know about them are their miracles as it is mentioned in the Torah and in the bible. For this reason the scripture tells us in the book of Revelation that they shall cause rain and turn the water into blood. Theses miracles’ events are the same as Moses and Elijah performed during their times on earth thousands of years ago. God chooses theses two witnesses, Elijah and Moses because many religions believe and heard about them as God’s prophets. Revelation 11:6, and Malachi 3: 1.

These two witnesses shall face difficulties and they shall be rejected. The unbelievers shall kill them on the street after their mission ends. Then after three days God shall take their bodies back to heaven. As it is written in the book of Revelation 11: 7 We know that Elijah descended to heaven alive with his body. The reason for this physical ascension is to be visible to people when he (they) returns. The bible tells us that God buried Moses, and his body was not found. Is it possible that God took Moses’ body to heaven? God is not the person tat buries the dead, and God is God of the living but not the dead. The reason I am saying that because when the archangel Michael contend with the devil he disputes him about Moses’ body. Why the devil disputes about Moses’ body? Jude 1:9

The bible tells us that Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus. We know that Jesus’ disciples saw them because they were in visible physical form because human can’t see spirit. It means that Moses had his own body “glorified” when he appeared to Jesus. So Elijah and the messenger of the covenant = Moses shall appear again before the dreadful day of the lord. Malachi 3: 1, Malachi 4: 5, Zechariah 4: 11 to 14 Theses two prophets already appeared to Jesus, “Matthew 17: 1 to 3. Jesus named them as “His two witnesses” because they saw Jesus and heard God’s voice from Heaven “this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased YOU HEAR TO HIM” Matthew 17:5. This phrase will be repeated by the two witnesses to the peoples and to all nations especially to the children of Israel and other religions as the Moslems that rejected Jesus as the Messiah.

The lord spoke through the prophet “Malachi” that Elijah and Moses shall prepare the way for Christ to come. The scripture reads, I will send my messenger to prepare the way before me. And the lord that you seek [Christ] shall suddenly come to HIS TEMPLE; even the messenger of the Covenant [MOSES] whom you delight. BEHOLD HE [= the Messiah] SHALL COME SAID THE LORD OF HOST. Malachi 3: 1 to 2 Some people think that the two witnesses are Elijah and Enoch. The reason I said that shall be Moses instead Enoch because the Lord God said, [Even the messenger of the Covenant whom you delight]. The messenger of the Covenant is Moses not Enoch. The bible doesn’t mention any thing “miracles” about Enoch. God never made a Covenant with Enoch, and never was God’s messenger. Genesis 5:21 to 24

So the appearance of Moses and Elijah to the Messiah Jesus was a preparation for their returns before the dreadful day of the lord to witness tat Jesus is “the Messiah”. And to restore God’s law, love, and to gather the 12 tribes of Israel and to announce the unity of all nations. These two prophets are the two witnesses. The New Testaments mentions about the appearance of Moses and Elijah to the Messiah Jesus and his disciples. This appearance is the rebirth of the Old Testaments “the Torah” to the gentiles and to all peoples. This appearance considers also a preparation for the dreadful day of the lord. The bible mentions about the Law of Moses, WHY GOD SPEAKS ABOUT THE “LAW OF MOSES” with the status and judgment. Then God said, [I will send you Elijah]. It means that God shall send Elijah to remind the people about God’s law, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND THE LAW IN FULL. Malachi 4:4

Did Elijah return already as the New Testaments mentions?

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