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Prophets, did Jesus speak about fals prophets?

From: Julian Ben Bechara
Date: 12/14/02
Time: 7:26:33 PM
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Jesus never said that a prophet or an apostle will come after him to this world to give new doctrines that abolishes Godís LAWS through his death on the cross. Jesus said that only false prophets and false Christ will come to this world in his name (Matthew 24: 23 to 24)..

So any prophet or apostle that came after John the Baptist till this day an till the dreadful day of the lord also with new doctrines that the law is abolished through Jesusí death on the cross will consider as false doctrines, false prophet, and false apostle.

Jesus spoke about the prophets of Godís law, he said: the law and the prophets, he meant the prophets of Godís law.

There are many offices for Godís prophets, the prophets of Godís law, the prophets of Godís judgment, the prophets of Godís apocalypses, the prophets of Godís grace, the prophets of Godís love, etc. Paul was a preacher and not Godís prophet he claimed to be Jesusí prophet to abolish Godís law and apostle, which mentioned in his second statement but not in the first one on the way to Damascus. The first story of Paul with Jesus on the way to Damascus (Act 9: 3 to 7), the second story of Paul with Jesus FOR THE SAME EVENT on the way to Damascus, (Acts 26: 13 to 18). These two stories of Paul must have the same version because it happened in the same time and in the same day, but in reality Paul gave us two DIFFERENT versions for the same event.

Jesus said: The law and the prophets were until John, since that time the kingdom of God preached and every man press into it, (Luke 16: 16 to 17).

And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent bear it away. For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John: And if you will receive it, he is Elias that is to come. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear, (Mathew 11: 12 to 15).

It means that the law was announced through the prophets and every one heard about it, and is no other prophets will come in the name of God to give new law or to abolish his law. The bible tells us that Elijah will return, he was in the spirit with John the Baptist and will come again before the dreadful day of the lord, (Malachi 4: 4 to 6).

Elijah will come with Moses to claim Godís law (Malachi 4: 4) Those two prophets will come to this world as they appeared to Jesus (Matthew 17: 3), the scripture that is in (Luke 16: 16) doesnít apply to these two prophets because they spoke already about the same law that already existed and will return again according to the scripture TO ANNOUNCE THE SAME LAW but not another law.

Jesus said that the law and the prophets were till John the Baptist, Jesus is right that there is only one law and John announced the last title of the law, which is the baptism law. Jesus fulfilled the law by his death on the cross, which is the replacement of the method to offer the sin offering. The blood of the sin offering law still valid and we all know about it, every time we ask God for forgiveness through the blood of Jesus we are offering a spiritual blood sin offering to God. So where do we see that this title of the law is abolished, on the contrary this law still exist.

The bible tells us that before the dreadful day of the lord many people will dream dreams and will see visions for this event. We name these people as Godís prophets of his coming but not the prophets of Godís law. GODíS LAW IS ALREADY preached as Jesus said it in Luke 16: 16 to 17.

I am one of these people that see visions and dream dreams of the lordís coming and his judgment for this world and I consider my self as one of his prophet to announce about the dreadful day of the lord and his judgment. I could preach to establish Godís law that already preached through his prophets but I could not add or abolish it.

Am I Elijah, no I am not but the spirit of Elijah is in the front of me as it will be in the front of all the peoples to bring the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to the fathers (Malachi 4: 6) and to establish Godís perpetual covenant and his law before his return to judge this world.

I am very sorry to disappoint the world according to Jesusí Word in the scripture. Paul the apostle of the New Testaments came after John the Baptist, Paul SPOKE NOT to establish and to restore Godís law, on the contrary he claimed that Jesusí death on the cross was to abolish Godís perpetual covenant and his entire law including the ten Commandments.

Paul was mistaken by teaching the people that Jesusí death on the cross was to abolish Godís perpetual covenant and his law.

Julian Ben Bechara

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